“I had a stroke 5 years ago and have been wheelchair bound most of the time. Two years ago I started to have severe constipation and I could go 5 days without any bowel movement. I had to resort to the use of laxatives, which gave me diarrhea. So I either don’t go for days, or go like crazy. My family doctor told me that I didn’t have other choices and that I had to live with it. I’ve also tried high fiber diet which offered little help. I found Dr. Song through the referral of a family member. She prescribed a simple Chinese herbal formula which contains only 3 herbs, told me to cook them every day and to drink the liquid. Three days after taking the herbs, I had a normal bowel movement without the help of laxative. A week later I started to have bowel movement every other day and there was no diarrhea. Thank you so much Dr. Song!” – Gui X

“My daughter was 18 when she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She stopped having periods and started to gain weight and feel tired all the time. Her blood test showed extremely high level of triglyceride which was scary. She has been under the care of Dr. Song for the past few months and gone through a few herbal formulas and natural supplements. She lost over 10 lbs and started to spot about two months into the treatment. Her energy came back in spite of the busy schedule as a 2nd year college student. So far my daughter has had two normal periods already and she needs to buy new clothes of smaller sizes.” – J.Z.

“Dr. Song treated my 2-year-old daughter for her eczema with a kind of white and sweet-tasting pills that she calls ‘homeopathic remedy’. The result was magical. Three days after my daughter took them, the rash cleared up. Her skin remained clear for a long time before it came back again. Dr. Song told us to repeat the remedy and again the eczema went away.  And that was 6 months ago.  My daughter has been free of eczema since then. I think those little pills, the homeopathic remedy, are wonderful, and so is Dr. Song.” – Ada M.

“Dr. Song has been taking care of both my kids for over a year now and she’s fantastic! Not only does she treat the runny nose and earaches, she has also brought great improvement in their chronic issues, including asthma and eczema. In addition, our whole family has benefited from the valuable information she gave us for healthy living. I highly recommend Dr. Song!” – Lao S.

“My daughter was diagnosed with absence seizure when she was 6. After learning all the side effects of anti-seizure drugs, we decided to try natural medicine and we found Dr. Crystal Song. After the first visit, Dr. Song prescribed homeopathic phosphorus, which decreased the frequency of seizure episodes by about 50% within the first week. That was truly astonishing! Since then we have also tried Chinese medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs) with Dr. Song, which also helped greatly. Today my daughter still has blank stares infrequently during the day, but she can undertake normal daily activities, including running. She is also an A-student at school. We trust Dr. Song and will continue to work with her.” – Ling Y.