2023 Harvest of Organic Moringa Seeds Available

The moringa tree has withstood the brutal and extreme heat in the summer of 2023. New harvest of moringa seeds from July 2023 is now available. 100% organic. No pesticide is ever used. Suitable for both consumption and planting. Claimed as “Tree of Life”, moringa tree offers nutrition and a multitude of health benefits. Moringa seeds, in particular, are concentrated with health improving nutrients.

Despite the raging inflation and food price, we are actually lowering our price. A bag of 50 grams organic moringa seeds, at least 200 count, for only $5, by cash only. The proceeds are considered donations and will go towards our “rainy day fund” to help those patients with financial difficulties. Fresh moringa leaves also available, at request. Please call us at 480-388-0099 for your bag of seeds!