What Are You Putting on Your Face Today? Ingredients to Avoid in Your Body-care Products

ingredients to avoid in your body-care productsHave you ever read the labels on your body lotion or lipstick? Do you know that those words on the label that you can not pronounce might be one of the following:
  • carcinogens, which are cancer causing agents.
  • hormone-disrupters, which are chemicals that mimic your hormones, such as estrogen, and mess up your own endocrine system?

Ingredients such as formaldehyde, parabens, lauryl sulfates, etc, all fall in the above categories. According Jessie Sholl, author of Beauty Makeover, one simple way to cut down on your toxic exposure to to avoid anything with “fragrance” on the label. By steering clear of anything containing synthetic fragrance, you’re eliminating much of your chemical exposure to hormone disrupters. And remember frangrance isn’t just in perfume.