Sugar Magic & Math

Diabetes - Sugar Magic and MathSugar surely makes us happy. Too much sugar most definitely makes us sick too. Other than raising blood sugar, there are many other “magic” things sugar can do:
  • Decreasing immune system and causing frequent or chronic infections.
  • Causing congestions and headaches.
  • Aggravating neurological disorders such as ADHD, seizure, and tremor.
  • Causing yeast (candida) overgrowth in the gut, which in turn leads to many other problems, such as vaginal infections, depressions, irritability, fatigue, etc.
  • Aggravating acid reflux (heartburn), and constipation.

As I have been repeatedly telling my patients, please read the food label for sugar contents! One teaspoon of sugar is about 4 grams. Try to avoid food that has more than 6 grams of sugar per serving. And don’t forget to check what is specified as one serving. For example, if 3 cookies make up for one serving and there are 8 grams of sugar per serving, there are probably 4 servings and therefore 32 grams of sugar in one snack bag!

Weather you’re a diabetic, prediabetic, or nondiabetic, I hope these facts will convince you to go through your pantry and check all those boxes for their sugar content.